When I don't understand something I tend to deep dive into it to try and understand it better. After all if I understand it then it can't be magic and to be honest computers are insane at the best of times so I hope these posts help others too.

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how SSL/TLS works -

The internet is madness, information flying everywhere and it’s full of bellends who want to do bad things. A big portion of those people would love to see what you’re doing online and for the most part we aren’t doing anything interesting, perhaps browsing reddit or doomscrolling on Twitter.

git revisions -

The last few of my posts have been about Git and this one is no different, I want to shift gears though and instead of talking about specific git commands and their behaviour I would like to talk about gitrevisions. Gitrevisions are the arguments you pass to commands to specify either…

git: ours and theirs -

Every now and then you run into problems when merging or rebasing branches using git, and to make things worse your editor might ask you to accept “our” changes or “their” changes. Not prepared to give git the satisfaction of playing its little game you choose one and hope for the best which inevitably turns out to be the wrong one and you need to restart the merging/rebase process anew.

git reset -

I am back again to talk about git, this time I wanted to focus on git reset and what the various options --soft, --mixed, and --hard are and the different ways you can use the command. I want to talk about git reset because to understand the various ways you can use the command you really need to understand the life cycle of files when working with git. That means I would also need to explain the various stages you can think of a file as being in and I love explaining shit.

git revert -

So you’ve fucked up. You’ve merged something and production did an oopsie but you’ve managed to stop the bleeding by turning off the feature flag that guards your new feature (you did feature flag it, right?), now you need to revert your changes. I’m not sure why you’re reading blog posts when you should be working but I guess it’s a good thing you’re reading this one.